things I’ve learned at the #cccamp11

A big thanks to all the organizers and helping hands for this years CCCamp at Finowfurt airport. It’s been absolutely great, especially the lights during the night and all the gadgets people brought from all over Germany and the rest of the world. This time I did very few organizational work: My job was to allocate the villages at the camp ground, which was marvellous, since I met a lot of people and got best oriented. Here are some of the camp impressions most striking to me.

  1. If you sleep with your hoddie up on your head, it may be warm enough to actually find some sleep.
  2. If you are in the open air all day, you can get a sun burn, even though it’s all cloudy.
  3. Nutella might drop from the hole in the middle of your printed Palatschinke.
  4. I like the lotus effect on my tent.
  5. The cash desk is one of the warmest working places for an angel.
  6. If your job has no name, people will help you find one: space optimizer, citizen center, defrag.exe, …
  7. If you do not have a bike to move around the camp ground, you’ll get tight bottom muscles.
  8. If your child leaves an uneaten pizza in the open tent with all lights on, it’s no sure warrant for a bug invasion. (Who would have thought that!?)
  9. If you run around with a lanyard reading „Verfassungsschutz Brandenburg“ only people from the press ask you whether you’re really working for the Verfassungsschutz.
  10. As a woman, if you move around with a male companion and ask for technical explainations of exhibited electronical devices, only a few people will still give the answer to your male partner.
  11. If the embassy is under attac, you’re either at the french or at the italian one. (The best rubber darts are now on the roof of the italian embassy.)
  12. It’s not that easy to serparate sirup and corn oil.
  13. „Gehirnschäden“ !!!
  14. Next time we need an educational programme for all the kids. (Other than cccongress, the cccamp is a family event.)
  15. Visitors arriving a week early will complain about not having electricity and network yet. (WTF!?)
  16. If I search for a special village on my map, it’ll be marked under a different name.
  17. I will find another interesting landmark right after the recent update of the map.
  18. The trail leading to the Trockendock needs more lights. (Damn, the Trockendock isn’t trocken at all.)
  19. Walking tooth brush!
  20. Best time to get a shower is during heavy rainfalls.
  21. You can build a great dome from five broken pavilions.
  22. On the way from Italy to Austria you’ll pass the Netherlands.
  23. If you loose the plug of your air bed, you’ll find some one with a 3D-scanner and makerbot to get a reprint.
  24. The little rockets are tasty.
  25. Oh my, the „Reichsflugscheibe“ really exists. Nazi-UFOs! Run for the hills!
  26. If you make an appointment at „the“ MIG, don’t wonder if your buddy isn’t there.

Zu guter Letzt noch ein Link zu ein paar Fotos vom Camp:
CCCamp11 bei Flickr
CCCamp11 bei

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